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For those who seek growth, we’ve combined your daily chat platform with business. Find the freelancer you need, or skyrocket your career as a designer.

Freelaunch x DiscordGilles: Hi, I’m interested in your services!Freelaunch bot: You’ve rated @Gilles for a total of 5 stars.Cam: -commission
About the project

Built for the motivated.

Founded with just one goal in mind; to open a new world for rookies or advanced creatives in the freelancing industry. Freelancing doesn’t need to be complicated, we found a way to hire or get hired on Discord.

No need to create an account, browse through endless lists of freelancers and pay fees on every single transaction. Everything is done through just one platform, no third party accounts and no fees. We’re offering a free rocket to take your business or career to the next level.

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Become a freelancer and offer your expertise to our community.

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How it works.


Join our Discord

The first things you want to do is to join our Discord. If you haven’t downloaded Discord already, please do so. The #tutorial channel will be your guideline.


Create a commission

In order to find a freelancer, or become one, you need to create a commission. Type -commission in the #commands channel, and fill out the questions.



While waiting for interests to show up on your commission, have a conversation with other enthusiasts about your career, work or private activities.


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